We are proud to serve mainly Orange County, Riverside County and some areas like Ontario California. You will be trained one on one with a highly experienced instructor with over 30 yrs experience always by your side and coaching you step by step. We pride ourselves in teaching you skills and information “to the point” and not lots of “fluff” stuff. We will help you through the process of getting your CLP or “Learner’s Permit” which consists on a series of requirements and taking some written tests at the DMV. Don’t worry. We have material for you to study and prepare for those tests.

Once you have passed those written tests you will have a “Learner’s Permit” and with that learner’s permit you are able to start practicing in the truck with your instructor by your side. Once you have finished your month training, you could go and take the driving test at the DMV. (This is the actual driving test for the CDL Commercial driver license Class A). Your instructor will be there with you at the DMV. We offer rental of the truck so you can take the driving test. Please visit the services section or contact us for more info. We look forward to answering your questions. We hope to meet you soon.